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We Did It! US Companies Won't Fund Genocide in Darfur!

We Did It! Sudan Divestment Passes the Senate!

Great news! Late last night, the United States Senate unanimously passed the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act (PDF). It was a tough fight and opposition to the bill was only overcome after thousands of Americans from all 50 states called and e-mailed their Senators.

Thanks for your work to pass the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act (SADA)! Please help us keep up the fight by contributing to GI-Net.

SADA is a huge blow to the small group of foreign companies funding the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Already, three companies have suspended their Sudan operations fearing that SADA will become law. To keep our elected officials engaged on the issue, it is important to call and thank your Senators for supporting this important measure.

Please call 1-800-GENOCIDE and thank your Senators for passing SADA.

What's Next: Ensuring SADA Becomes Law

SADA will be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. In August, the House passed a similar bill, the Darfur Accountability and Divestment Act, with a vote of 418-1. On Monday, the House is expected to quickly pass SADA by an overwhelming majority.

Once the House passes SADA, President Bush will have ten days to sign the bill into law. Your calls and e-mails will be critical as President Bush has been unsupportive of the bill.

Please help us to continue our advocacy efforts and to expand our civilian protection efforts on the ground in Darfur. Make a contribution today.

Thanks for all you do to end genocide!

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