Genocide Intervention Network (endgenocide) wrote in hotel_rwanda,
Genocide Intervention Network

Success! Sudan Will Not Head the African Union

Last week, it appeared certain that the 2007 chairmanship of African Union would be awarded to Sudan -- perpetrators of the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Yesterday, it was announced that Ghana -- key contributors to the AU peacekeeping force in Darfur -- will head the African Union instead.

Because of your dedication, the United States took a stand against a Sudanese presidency.

Your messages to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice encouraged her to work diplomatically behind closed doors with members of the African Union. With your support, the United States weighed in to ensure that a genocidal dictator, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, would not lead the African Union.

With Sudan heading the African Union, all hope for Darfur would have been lost. As AU chair, Sudan would have doomed our efforts to end the death and displacement that has already affected millions.

Instead, the members of the African Union have given us hope that the international community is not only listening but taking action. Our own government's actions suggest that innocent civilians may yet be protected -- and the government of Sudan will be held accountable for their crimes in Darfur.

Thank you -- and congratulations on your victory!

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